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INS: Pride and Pomposity or Monieks Maggot-duple-version

  Duple minor 
  Reconstructed by JN and named from Pride and Prejudice movie 2005 version. 
  This is clearly a conceit created to give enough time for dialogue, particularly
  in the extremely long down and back. However, it is a nice looking dance, even if
  very difficult to phrase comfortably. Comments on the DVD suggest it took over 
  5 hours to shoot, on top of rehearsal, and there was a lot of editing after. It
  is unfortunate that the film shows practically only the head and shoulders of
  the protagonists -- the rest of the dancers are hard to see -- indeed they are
  "deleted" for the last round of the dance!
  A1                 Couple 1 cross right shoulder and fall back
                  (as per Neat Mr. John)
                  Couple 1 2H turn all way round
                  Couple 1 mirror turn single out of the turn,
                  M right, W left, while
                  Couple 2 cross R shoulder moving up and passing
                  Couple 1 (men right, women left)
                  Couple 1 cross R shoulder into gypsies
                          M1 W2 on men's side LEFT
                          M2 W1 on women's side RIGHT, into
  A2                Lines of 4 (W2 M1 W1 M2 facing up) up and back
                  C1 face out, C2 face in for almost full hey for 4
                  C1 finish in middle after 7/8 of hey, C2 finish it improper)
                and C1 face down improper for 
  B                Longish down the middle and back (I tend to find this is 6+ of 
                the 8 bars with final 2 or slightly less for ...)
                  C1 cross and cast to new places while
                  C2 cross and move up if necessary.

Note: There is a triple minor version by Philippe Callens 1990 for Moniek van Hylfe

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