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From Aberdeen

Triple minor for as many as will

     A    8   First couple cast to second place (second lead up)
          4   First couple turn 3/4 both hands.
          4   First man fall back between and below third couple,
              first lady between and above second couple.
     B1   4   First man and third couple circle left once around, first lady and
              second couple the same.
          4   First man go left outside third man, first lady go left outside
              second lady to
          4   First man circle with men and first lady circle with ladies.
          4   All open up to end in line (first couple in second place).
     B2   8   As B1, with first couple in opposite places.
          8   As B1, but first man with second and third ladies, first lady
              with second and third men.
          4   First couple turn halfway both hands into progressed place (proper).


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