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Freeford Gardens

   Longways Duple (David and Kathryn Wright)
      From CDSS Nov Dec 2000
   A1  1-4  All set forward to partner, turn single back to place
       5-8  All cross with partner r. shoulder (eye contact)
            then loop to the left to face partner (improper)
   A2  1-8  as in A1 back to place
   B1  1-4  1st Cpl half fig. 8 down through 2nd cpl.
       5-8  2nd Cpl half fig. 8 UP   through 1ST cpl.
   B2  1-4  Circle 4 hands 1/2 way to left, fall back in lines
       5-8  partners 2H turn (end proper).
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