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Arnold's Circle

Instructions have been moved to the private area.

I was surprised to find the dance Arnold’s Circle, made by one of our members the late “Cor Hogendijk”, on your website without permission of our Society “Volksdansvereniging NVS”.

Our society in the Netherlands is specialist in English Country Dancing and:

· has copyright on all the dances of Cor Hogendijk and has published them all.

  is well related to Pat Shaw in that way, that not only he was 30 years our teacher on courses, but our society is also the publisher of 2 of his books.

This dance is nevertheless made by Cor Hogendijk for Arnold van ‘t Well on the tune “Onder de Linden” or another 36 or 32-bar reel and published by our Society in 1973 with 27 other dances from him in the book English or Double Dutch Vol. I. The dance was also performed at The Royal Albert Hall Festival in London (February 1968).

So I hope you will use in future the real composers name instead of Pat Shaw on your website.

Kind Regards,

Ruud Wilders

Archivist Volksdansvereniging NVS

This dance was choreographed by the late Pat Shaw in honour of a friend of

his, Arnold Bokel of Hamburg, Germany.

Record: Festival F-801-A 2/4 meter

Formation: Double circle, ptrs facing, M back to ctr

2 notes Introduction

I Change Places

1-2 With R hands joined, change places with ptr;

4 steps, beg R.

3-4 Joining L hands, change places with ptr but don't let go of L hands:

4 steps, beg R

5-6 Join R hands with person to R in opp circle (circle is now complete,

alternating M,W,M,W, with M back to ctr). Balance fwd,

stepping R,L,R (cts 1, & 2, meas 5);  balance bkwd, 
stepping L,R,L (cts 1, & 2, meas 6)

7-8 Release L hands and change places with person holding R hand:

M walk fwd, W turn CCW under joined hands.
End with M on outside of circle, W with back to ctr.

9-16 Repeat meas 1-8 from new pos.

End with orig ptr in orig pos.

II Double Progression

1-4 W stand in place. M beg R, with 8 steps go behind ptr

(pass R shldrs) curve to inside of circle, 
pass in front of next W and go to 3rd W (ct ptr as 1st W).
M travel to their R (RLOD).

5-8 In closed pos, swing with this new ptr (buzz step).

Leave w on outside of circle, ptrs facing.

9-16 Repeat meas 1-8 but M stand in place, W travel around ptr,

curve to outside, pass in front of next M 
and go to 3rd M to swing (W travel to their R (LOD)).

Repeat dance from beg with new ptr.

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