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 All turn partner 2H 1/2 way. All turn partner 2H 1/2 way.
 </​code>​ </​code>​
 +====== Sir Watkin'​s Jig ======
 +Three couple longways, G Major, 6/8
 +A Choice Collection of 200 Favourite Country Dances (Thompson), 1774. Retreads (Bolton), 1985.
 +  A1 1-4   1st couple long cast to second place (2nd couple
 +           ​moving up on bars 3-4).
 +     ​5-8 ​  1st couple two-hand turn.
 +  A2 1-8   1st and 3rd couples four changes of rights and
 +           ​lefts,​ starting with partner.
 +  B1 1-4   1st couple lead down through 3rd couple and cast
 +           back to second place.
 +     ​5-8 ​  1st couple lead up through 2nd couple and cast to
 +           sec- ond place.
 +     ​9-10 ​ 1st couple turn single down (man right, woman
 +           ​left).
 +  B2 1-4   ​Circle six left halfway, breaking into two lines.
 +     ​5-6 ​  ​Keeping hands, lines set, moving backwards.
 +     ​7-8 ​  ​Letting go hands, turn single moving forward.
 +     ​9-10 ​ Partners two-hand turn halfway.</​code>​
 +The four changes here are leisurely (four steps per change). They should be not only elegant, but also timed to the music.
 +B2 5-10
 +This is a slightly quicker sequence compared to the rest of the dance. One suggestion is to set back in a line, and not too far. Then attempt to do the turn single forward together! Finally, be on time with the short halfway turn.
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