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 </​code>​ </​code>​
 +====== Randolph Farewell ======
 +Round for three couples, numbered counterclockwise,​ G Major, 3/4
 +Fringe Benefits (Herman), 1999. Dance by Fried de Metz Herman; tune "​Randolph Farewell"​ by Tom Siess.
 +  A1 1-2  Partners right-hand turn three-quarters into -
 +     ​3-4 ​ Women left hands across while men move clockwise
 +          around the set.
 +     ​5-6 ​ Partners right-hand turn halfway into -
 +     ​7-8 ​ Men left hands across while women move clockwise
 +          around the set.
 +  A2 1-6  Starting with right hand to partner, three changes
 +          of a grand chain around set (two waltz steps for
 +          each change).
 +     ​7-8 ​ Facing partner, all turn single left.
 +  B1 1-4  1st couple, woman in the lead, cross through the
 +          set and out between the other two couples, 1st
 +          woman moving to the left around one person and in
 +          through the 3rd couple, 1st man to the right around
 +          one person and in through the 2nd couple.
 +     ​5-8 ​ 1st couple pass right shoulder and move out between
 +          opposite couple, around one person to original
 +          place (1st man moving left and 1st woman right).
 +  B2 1-4  Circle six left, taking two waltz steps, then two
 +          single steps (one step to each bar).
 +     ​5-8 ​ Repeat B2 1-4, releasing hands in time to start A1
 +          facing partner. Repeat dance twice more, with the
 +          2nd, then 3rd couple, leading in B1.</​code>​
 +video https://​​watch?​v=aswysUDwBn4
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