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 ====== The Maid's Last Wish ====== ====== The Maid's Last Wish ======
-Playford, //The Dancing Master//, ​1698–1728.\\+Playford, //The Dancing Master//, ​1695–1728.\\
 Tom Cook, //Again Let's Be Merry// (EFDSS), 1979.\\ Tom Cook, //Again Let's Be Merry// (EFDSS), 1979.\\
 Graham Christian, //The Playford Assembly// (CDSS), 2015.\\ Graham Christian, //The Playford Assembly// (CDSS), 2015.\\
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 T:The Maid's Last Wish T:The Maid's Last Wish
 C:Playford C:Playford
 S:Peter Barnes, "​English Country Dance Tunes, vol. 1", p71 S:Peter Barnes, "​English Country Dance Tunes, vol. 1", p71
 M:6/8 M:6/8
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 K:C major K:C major
 Q:3/8=120 Q:3/8=120
-g|"​C"​e2dc2B|cG_B"​F"​A2a|"​C"​g2f ece|"​G"​g3G2g|"​C"​e2dc2B|cG_B"​F"​A2f|"​Dm"​e2d"​G"​d2c|"​C"​c3-c2:​| +g|"​C"​e2dc2B|cG_B"​F"​A2a|"​C"​g2f ece|"​G"​g3G2g|
 </​code>​ </​code>​
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