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 ====== ELVERTON GROVE ====== ====== ELVERTON GROVE ======
 +Longways for as many as will  proper
 +Walsh (1712) //24 New Country Dances for the Year 1712//
 +Tom Cook (1975) //Come Let's Be Merry//
 +This dance, even with the music reduced in tempo, has a very vigorous and
 +unforgiving B part. To reduce the stress on less athletic dancers, the
 +couples can substitute a half figure 8 and a two hand turn half way instead
 +of the full figure 8s, but must still remember the final cast and lead.
 +Note that couples can opt to do this without interfering with other 
 +dancers. --- //​[[nashjc]] 2019/10/31 13:42//
 +The music is drawn from Handel'​s //The Alchemist//​. According to Wikipedia
 +''​The Alchemist, HWV 43, is incidental music used for the revival of Ben Jonson'​s play The Alchemist at the Queen'​s Theatre, London on 14 January 1710. The work is an arrangement,​ by an anonymous composer, of music written by Handel.'' ​
 +See https://​​watch?​v=x0-QxoOUr2c
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      9-14 1st  C figure 8 down through 2s.      9-14 1st  C figure 8 down through 2s.
      15-20 2nd  C figure 8 up through 1st C      15-20 2nd  C figure 8 up through 1st C
-     21-22 1st C cast down, 2nd C lead up to progress +     21-22 1st C cast down, 2nd C lead up to progress</​code>​ 
-   ​Elverton Grove                    Longways for as many as will+      
 +====== ​Elverton Grove ====== 
 +Longways for as many as will 
 +<​code> ​                   ​
    ​A1 ​   4  Turn single toward corner    ​A1 ​   4  Turn single toward corner
          ​4 ​ Balance forward and back          ​4 ​ Balance forward and back
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 {{ ::​music:​ |}}\\ {{ ::​music:​ |}}\\
 +video https://​​watch?​v=270bekpbLKc
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