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-Astonished Archeologist,​ The+====== ​Astonished Archeologist,​ The ======
 after Philippe Callens, 1999 to tune "Goff Hall" by Dan Lanier. ​ after Philippe Callens, 1999 to tune "Goff Hall" by Dan Lanier. ​
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 Music: ​ Music: ​
-  Astonished_Archeologist-Bnah5-02.mp3 -- OK 
-  Astonished_Archeologist-rsl02.mp3 -- OK -- both fine but different styles</​code>​ 
 +{{ :​music:​ |}} -- OK 
 +{{ :​music:​ |}} -- OK 
 +  ​
 +  -- both fine but different styles
 +B1 1-6\\
 +Each dancer, upon reaching an end of the hey, loops left and passes left shoulder when re-entering the hey.\\
 +A delightful dance that keeps moving. The real pleasure in the dance is the choreography of A2 through B1, beginning with the back-to-back on the diagonal into the two-hand turn into a single line down the middle. The following hey goes so well with the music change in B1, and the gypsy to get back into lines is such fun! 
 +A happy dance to happy music.
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