OECD Ottawa English Country Dance Club Notice of AGM


Date: Monday, Aug 29, 2011 at 2 pm

Location: At Nigel Kilby's, 122 Balbair Road, Kanata

(from Eagleson South of Hazeldean, go west onto Abbeyhill Dr, 2nd R is Balbair)



Chairperson: Michelle

**Other business? Add to Part C


A. Nuts and Bolts for next season

  1. 2011 Fall Season Dance Schedule: Sept 7 to Dec 9 (Mary)


  1. Playford Players .. dates playing, fee paid (Irfona or Mary)


  1. Reservation of Mlacak and Orange Hall (Nigel, Godfrey) Done? Cost?


  1. Financial Report, membership totals, upcoming year's fee structure (Godfrey)


  1. Beginners Classes...how many, duration, special arrangements. (Anne)


  1. Publicity Strategies (Mary)


  1. Callers Roster (Mary)


  1. Fixing an annual date for AGM....(June or July?) Michelle


  1. Guest Callers, eg David Smukler on Jan 6 and May 18. Stipend allowance?


  1. Annual election of officers: Chairperson (Coordinator), Treasurer, Secretary.

Note: We have 5 Directors: John, Nigel, Irfôna, Godfrey, Michelle

  1. Website and Communication. Distribution Lists. (Graham)


  1. Other Jobs, eg Publicity, Social Convener, Reservations, Music contact, Flyer

B. Trip to Ottawa 2011: Ottawa Ball scheduled for Nov 11 - 13

Report of Ball Committee (Michelle)

Arrangements made: Caller, Musicians, Locations, Five dance events..description,

Callers Workshop..

Volunteers required

Billets offered

Name Tags (for Ball and General)

Other ?


C. Other Business (added at the beginning of the meeting)