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Puck’s Deceit

By Chris Sackett and Brooke Friendly.
Longways duple minor.

   A        Couple 1 gypsy right shoulder once around,
           while couple 2 meet and cast up onto end of line of
           four. (counts 1-8)
           (Couple 2 on ends, facing in.)
           Couple 1 cross by right shoulder... into a right
           shoulder gypsy once around with neighbor. (1-8)
           (All end facing neighbor, with 1’s back to back in
           the center.)
   B1        Hey for four across the set, starting with right
           shoulder, back to the position in which you began
           the hey, but facing up in a line of four. (1-16)
   B2        All up a double and back. (1-8)
           Couple 2 gate couple 1 to progressed places, (1-6)
           couple 1 cross to end proper. (7-8)
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