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Postie's Jig

Postie's Jig is a Scottish Country Dance
written by Roy Clowes.
Proper 4 couple dance in a 4 couple set.
The tune is a jig called “Swagger”
Music: 4 x 32 bar Jig Tune: Postie's Jig

1-8	1stC & 4thC set, cast in one place 
	& dance half fig 8 round new end couples;

9-12	1stM with 4thM & 1stW with 4thW dance across (M making an arch);
	turn corners with free hand to face up or down;

13-16	Ones & Fours dance down or up (Couple dancing up make the arch)
	& turn corners.

17-24	Repeat bars 9-16 from new positions.

25-32	Ones & Fours half R & L through
	& turh partner Rh.

Repeat 3 times 


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