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Oranges and Lemons

As in “The Playford Ball”

   Square for 4 couples       ORANGES AND LEMONS   HM p. 24   music: HM
   Part I
   AA 1-8 All forward a double and fall back a double. That again.
   B1 1-2 Men: honor partners (1), honor corners (2).
      3-6 Men circle four-hands clockwise half-way and 
          fall into opposite place.
      7-8 Women: honor men on left (7), honor men on right (8);
      9-12 Women circle four-hands clockwise half-way and 
           fall into opposite place beside partner.
   B2 1-12 Repeat B1, but with circles going counter-clockwise. 
   Part II
   AA 1-8 Partners side twice.
   B1 1 Partners take right hands, raise them and 
        release with a slow set to the right.
      2 Partners take left hands, raise them 
        and release with a slow set to the left.
      3-6 Right-and-left, two changes, beginning with partners.
      7-12 Repeat B1, 1-6.
   B2 1-12 Repeat B1 lo place. 
   Part III
   AA 1-8 Partners arm right, then arm left, ending in 
          diagonal lines with head couples facing couples 
          on the left. {head men and side women will be on 
          the ends of the lines. }
   B1 1-2 All honor opposite (1); honor partner (2).
      3-6 With opposite couple, circle four-hands half-way; 
          head men drop hands with side women to open in a 
          line on the other diagonal, facing line formed by 
          the other couples.
      7-12 Repeat 1-6.
   B2 1-12 Repeat B1 to place.
   {this is a stately dance.}

See an animation of this dance SvgLogoSmall.png.

Oranges and Lemons Square set

   Meet and fall back; repeat.
   Honour partner, honour corner; men hands-4 half way round clockwise. 
   Women honour current partner, then corner; hands-4 half way round clockwise.
   Men honour partner, corner; men return hands-4 anticlockwise. 
   Women honour current partner, corner; women return hands-4 anticlockwise.
   Side; repeat.
   Take R hand with partner, raise it while taking one step R, then 
   (letting go the R hand) the same with L;
   circular hey 2 changes, giving R and L hands. 
   Take R hand with new person, then L as before; continue to places.
   Arm R; arm L.
   Head couples face the couple on their left, 
   forming diagonal lines across the set, couples honour, 
   then partners honour; hands-4 half way, opening out into 
   lines on the other diagonal. Continue, heads moving
   one place clockwise each time, sides one place anticlockwise.
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