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 Recording: {{ ::​music:​ |}}\\ Recording: {{ ::​music:​ |}}\\
 {{ :​music:​ |}} {{ :​music:​ |}}
 +====== The Merry Andrew ======
 +Three couple longways mixer, A Minor, 2/2
 +Maggot Pie, Marjorie Heffer and William Porter (EFDSS), 1932; reprinted 1979.
 +  A1 1-2  1st and 2nd couples right hands across halfway.
 +     ​3-4 ​ All turn single.
 +     ​5-6 ​ Same four left hands across halfway.
 +     ​7-8 ​ All turn single.
 +  A2 1-8  2nd and 3rd couples the same.
 +  B1 1-4  Dancers on the right diagonal (1st man and 2nd
 +          woman, 2nd man and 3rd woman) set in place, then
 +          cross by right shoulder.
 +     ​5-8 ​ 2nd man, followed by 1st man, cross below and
 +          around 3rd man to top man's place, while 2nd woman,
 +          followed by 3rd woman, cross above and around 1st
 +          woman to bottom woman'​s place (following dancers
 +          end in middle place). Order is now: top 2M 1W 1M 3W
 +          3M 2W
 +  B2 1-4  Dancers on the left diagonal (1st man and 1st
 +          woman, 3rd man and 3rd woman) set in place, then
 +          cross by right shoulder.
 +     ​5-8 ​ 1st man, followed by 3rd man, cross above and
 +          around 2nd man to bottom man's place, while 3rd
 +          woman, followed by 1st woman, cross below and
 +          around 2nd woman to top woman'​s place. Order is
 +          now: top 2M 3W 3M 1W 1M 2W</​code>​
 +Al, 2
 +ln Maggot Pie, the turns single are noted as being to the right after right hands across, ​
 +and to the left after left hands across. We have been doing them the other way!
 +B1, 2
 +There is no facing back in to the set by the pairs that cross on the diagonals. ​
 +Simply continue forward into the loop around the standing dancer.
 +A pleasant and most uncomplicated dance! Middle couple in any round has the extra pleasure ​
 + ​dancing the entire A music, above, and then below. All to a sweet tune.
 +video https://​​watch?​v=XsKwZ1MWotA
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