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 ====== Masquerade Royal ====== ====== Masquerade Royal ======
-1718 triple minor +1718 three couple set
 Recording: {{ ::​music:​ |}} Recording: {{ ::​music:​ |}}
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 video https://​​watch?​v=Nm2Pe9vsMsY video https://​​watch?​v=Nm2Pe9vsMsY
-Video showing ​ three couples ​set. Conversion point1st couple continue with mirror hay until they reach third position2-3-1+ This dance can be danced as **triple minor:**  
 +A1 1s turn single down lead through the 2s cast up to place and turn single up 
 +A2 2s turn single up lead through the 1s cast down to place and turn single down 
 +B1  Mirror hey for the set 1s in and down to start and finish home then 
 +   cast to the 2nd place  
 +   ​Partners 2 hand turn once around.</​code> ​  
 + video​watch?​v=Nm2Pe9vsMsY
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