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 </​code>​ </​code>​
 +====== Leah's Waltz ======
 +Three couple longways, D Major, 3/4
 +Ease and Elegance, Fried de Metz Herman (Herman), 1995. Legacy, edited by Allison Thompson (CDSS), 2002. Dance by Fried de Metz Herman; tune "​Amelia'​s Waltz" by Bob McQuillen.
 +  A1 1-2  All set forward right and left to partner.
 +     ​3-4 ​ All turn single right, to place.
 +     ​5-8 ​ Circle six left halfway, fall back in lines.
 +  A2 1-8  Repeat A1 to original place.
 +  B1 1-4  First couple dance down center, face partner, and
 +          set right and left.
 +     ​5-8 ​ First couple dance up the center and cast to third
 +          place, 2nd and 3rd couples moving up one place in
 +          bars 7-8.
 +  B2 1-4  Bottom two couples right hands across.
 +     ​5-8 ​ Top two couples left hands across.</​code>​
 +B1 1-2
 +Do not go too far down the set here because, in the second half of the phrase (5-8), the 1st couple must not only dance back to the top of the set, but also cast all the way down to third place.
 +B1 5-8
 +To make this dance a triple minor longways, 1st couple casts to second (instead of third) place here, and only the 2nd couple moves up one place
 +A sweet, romantic waltz dance, simple in its step and pattern. The solo in B1 intensifies the sentiment by focusing on one couple, who are given the opportunity to exhibit their style. The secret here is to make the dance as smooth and flowing as possible. The liner notes mention the reason for the choice of tune.
 +Fried'​s precise wording of this dance follows.
 +====== Leah's Waltz II ======
 +Progressive triad. Dance 3x
 +  A1 1-2  All set R & L to ptn. coming fwd.
 +     ​3-4 ​ All turn S. to the R. back to place, into
 +     ​5-8 ​ Hands 6 to the L. 1/2-way, fall back in line.
 +  A2 1-8  Repeat Al. All home.
 +  B1 1-2  1st cu. go down the center.
 +     ​3-4 ​ 1st cu. face ptn., set R & L.
 +     ​5-8 ​ 1st cu. go up the center, cast into 3rd place// 2nd
 +          & 3rd cus. move up 1 place.
 +  B2 1-4  The 2 bottom cus. R-hand * once around.
 +     ​5-8 ​ The 2 top cus. L-hand * once around. N.B. To dance
 +          this as a triple minor longways set, the 1st cu.
 +          cast into 2nd place while the 2nd cu. move up B1
 +          bars 7-8. © 1989 Fried de Metz Herman. Used by
 +          permission.</​code>​
 +          ​
 + video https://​​watch?​v=aQmsOua2O6g
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