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 Depending on music, may finish with a final repeat of the chorus Depending on music, may finish with a final repeat of the chorus
 </​code>​ </​code>​
 +The whole dance proceeds at a measured pace, especially appreciated in Part II, where each short move takes exactly four steps.
 +This dance is quite simple and straightforward. The repeating grand square, along with the music, gives the dance a rather formal or regal air. It is easy for dancers at all levels of ability to enjoy, the only challenge being to keep the dance up and moving and not let it deteriorate into plodding or marching!
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 See an [[http://​​dance.html#​HunsdonHouse|animation of this dance]] [[Image:​SvgLogoSmall.png]]. See an [[http://​​dance.html#​HunsdonHouse|animation of this dance]] [[Image:​SvgLogoSmall.png]].
 +video https://​​watch?​v=lsnr37zfN4w
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