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 ====== Holburn (Holborn?) March ====== ====== Holburn (Holborn?) March ======
-possibly also called Princess Amelia ​  +possibly also called Princess Amelia\\ 
 +English Country Dances from Playford'​s Dancing Master 1651-1703 ​  ​
 Longways for as many as will.\\ Longways for as many as will.\\
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            2nd Co, who move up on last four beats            2nd Co, who move up on last four beats
 </​code>​ </​code>​
 +====== Holburn (Holborn?) March ======
 +possibly also called Princess Amelia ​  
 +Longways for as many as will.
 +A1     The 1st Cu. set for 4 counts cast off for 4 counts
 +       and turn once around to 8 counts. ​
 +A2     The 2d Cu. do the same.
 +B1     Set twice each way 
 +       The 1st and 2d Cu. r.Hands across half round
 +       Set again (twice)
 +       then l.h. star back again. ​
 +B2    1st Cu. cross over, go below and 
 +      1/2 Figure of 8 up through the 2s
 +      to finish in progressed position on proper side, 
 +      rights and lefts ­ with 4 counts for each hand start with partner.</​code>​
 +play Holborn_March_psp01.mp3
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