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 +The Health ​   4 couple longways ​
 +   Lead up a double and back; partners step and honour. Repeat.
 +   End couples face and go back to back up and down the set, ending in middle places while middle couples
 +   cast to ends; new middles then cast to ends and return through standing couples to the middle.
 +   ​Repeat to places, new ends going back to back while original ends cast home.
 +   Big back ring half way round (clockwise);​ partners step and honour. Repeat back to places
 +   ​(anticlockwise).
 +   End couples face and go back to back ending in the middle while middle couples cast to ends; then original
 +   ends back ring once round.
 +   ​Repeat to places with original middles forming back ring.
 +   ​Partners two-hand turn 1!/2; on ends: two-hand turn half way on sides with same sex, partners set. Repeat
 +   to places.
 +   1st man and 4th woman meet and join R hands while 2nd man and 3rd woman cast to ends, then 1st
 +   woman and 4th man meet and join R hands while 2nd woman and 3rd man cast to ends; 1st and 4th
 +   ​couples R hands across once round, and keep hold until replaced.
 +   2nd man and 3rd woman replace 1st man and 4th woman, who cast out to places, then 3rd man and 2nd
 +   woman replace 4th man and 1st woman similarly; 2nd and 3rd couples R hands across to places.</​code>​
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