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 +====== Heading for Zero ======
 +Thanks to Joanna Reiner for this version and teaching notes.
 +        Longways ​         9/8       Du minor         Jenny Beer, January 2004
 +A1       1st woman cast, followed by partner to progressed improper places.
 +            while 2nd couple half-poussette CW.  (In both A1 and A2,
 +            2nd woman moves forward, 2nd man backs up.)
 +            All circle L halfway. (1st couple is home, 2nd couple is improper.)
 +A2       All reverse direction: ​ 1st man cast, followed by partner to
 +         ​progressed improper places.
 +         while 2nd couple half-poussette CCW.  (2nd woman again
 +         moves forward, 2nd man backs up.)
 +         All circle R halfway. ​ Everyone is home.
 +B1       1st corners R shoulder siding, turn R hands.
 +B2       2nd corners L shoulder siding, turn L hands.
 +C1       3 changes of Rights and Lefts., starting with partner.
 +         All turn single R, end facing out.
 +C2       ​Neighbors lead out, turn around lead back (3 steps each).
 +         ​Partners back to back.
 +Teaching notes: 2nd woman think "​forward"​ -- she dances forward to
 +start each figure. ​ C1 turn single works either direction. For
 +performance purposes, all turning single R looks cool.
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