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 +The Happy Captive to tune for 'The Dusky Night' midi
 +   A triple minor longways dance from Thompson, Twenty Four Country Dance, 1777.
 +   A1 Lead dow thro' the 3.d Cu. & cast up one into middle / 1s back-to-back by / the Gent.n hands round 3 at bottom & his Partner at top (M circle below W above)
 +   A2 Lead up thro' the 2.d & cast 2nd place / 1s back-to-back by the Gent.n hands round three at top & his partner at bottom (M circle above, W below)
 +   B1 1s lead down & up, & and cast off one place
 +   B2 (lead outsides) Holding hands in long lines, fall back with 4 steps, come forward with 4 steps and 2h turn partner with 8 steps.
 +   The Apted editors, possibly in order to make the dance more interesting and put to use a prettier tune which had a tedious dance they did not wish to use, switched tunes to the longer 'The Dusky Night' and added a turn single in A1 to fill out tune. Yo
 +   If you like the tune 'The Dusky Night' and would like to try the dance which Thompson originally linked with it, then here it is:
 +   A1 Cast off two Cu. and up again
 +   A2 Cross over two Cu. up again and cast off
 +   B1 hands 4 to left quite round at bottom and back to right
 +   B2 right and left at top</​code>​
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