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 +Handel with Care
 +   ​(Dance composed by Gary Roodman to
 +   music from Handel'​s "Water Music"​)
 +   ​2-couples facing across the hall ¢ (1987)
 +   Part I
 +   A Partners lead forward a double to other couple; and fall back.
 +   ​Partners lead out a double; and fall back.
 +   ​Chorus
 +   B1 M1 and W2 (i.e., top 2 people),
 +   ​followed by partners, cast into a line of 4 facing up.
 +   Up a double; and fall back into a circle.
 +   B2 Circle left œ.
 +   Turn single right to face partners.
 +   ​Circular hey 3 changes (no hands).
 +   Part II
 +   A Partners side-by-side right.
 +   ​Partners side-by-side left.
 +   ​B1&​B2 Repeat Chorus
 +   Part III
 +   A Partners arm right; and arm left.
 +   ​B1&​B2 Repeat Chorus</​code>​
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