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 +The Garter ​
 +Longways duple\\
 + 1688. Published in H. Playford Dancing Master, 7th Ed. Suppl.\\ ​
 +Tom Cook interpretation in Not Quite Gold, one of John Stapledon'​s Not Quite series of books.\\
 +Source: MRDB06
 + ​1-4 1st man, followed by 2nd woman, goes clockwise round 1st woman, back to place
 + ​5-8 1st man & 2nd woman set forward and back, then turn single L
 + ​1-4 1st woman, followed by 2nd man, goes counterclockwise round 1st man, back to place
 + ​5-8 1st woman & 2nd man set forward and back, then turn single R
 + ​1-4 1st corners cross, then 2nd corners cross
 + ​5-8 1st couple cast up above 2nd couple and cross back down between them
 + ​1-4 2nd couple 1/2 figure 8 down through 1st couple
 + ​5-8 All clap once and partners 2 hand turn
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