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 +**Frances Ann's Delight**
 +Form: Longways Duple Minor
 +Music: "​Hunters Moon" by Wild Thyme
 +A1 1-4 1stC cross over (passing R sh),
 + go between the twos and stand between them,
 + all facing up in a line of 4;
 + 5-8 Forward in line, setting to R & L,
 + Drop back, the twos closing in above the ones (progression).
 +A2 1-8 Circle L & R.
 +B1 1-4 M lead their contraries out to the sides,
 + they step R & honour, step L & honour,
 + 5-8 M lead their contraries back and 
 + cross R over with them to the other side,
 + passing R sh with the other dancers,
 + All turn single.
 +B2 1-4 Twos do a half fig 8 down through the Ones,
 + back to their progressed places,
 + 5-8 All back-to-back with partners.
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