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 +====== First of October ======
 +Callens 1989  (seems to be du min)
 +A 1-4 Hands along the lines, all fwd D and back.
 +5-8 Ptns. cross Rt. shld. and turn to face.
 +9-12 Hands again, fwd D and back.
 +13-16Ptns 2-h turn once around, finishing improper in centre of set.
 +B 1-2 Ptns. set
 +3-4 All turn S Rt. into--
 +5-6 Rt-h across 1/2 way
 +7-8 All turn S to Lt. to side lines, progressed.
 +9-16 1st.C whole fig.8 up thro' 2ndC (skipchange)
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