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 +Fiddle Hill Jig
 +   ​Longways contra, improper
 +   ​Neighbours ​ back to back
 +   ​Partners ​   back to back
 +   ​Allemande Right (RH turn) neighbour
 +   ​Couple 1 short swing in middle, finishing between 2s to go
 +   Down the hall and back, turning alone (drop center hands, ​
 +       pull joined hands of non-partner toward top of hall and
 +       let go to set your turn direction)
 +   ​Square the fours and circle left
 +   Star Left back (generally contra hands, that is, put hand
 +     on wrist of person ahead of you. THUMB UP BESIDE HAND
 +     to avoid poking with thumbnail or bending thumb back.)
 +   Dance starts again by peeling off star into back to back 
 +   with new neighbour. Ends remember to change sides.</​code>​
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