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 +The Fair Quaker of Deal   From "The Playford Ball"
 +   ​A1 ​ 1-4 1st corners set and turn single. ​
 +       5-8 1st man cast down into second place, ​
 +           2nd man moving up whlle 2nd woman cast up to 1st place, ​
 +           1st woman moving down. 
 +   ​A2 ​ 1-8 A1 repeated by 1st woman and 2nd man, 
 +           1st man moving up and 2nd woman down. 
 +   ​B1 ​ 1-4 1st corners meet and stand back to back, 
 +           ​facing out, then 2nd corners the same. 
 +       5-8 Taking hands and facing outward, set and 
 +           ​circle four-hands to right {clockwise} half-way. ​
 +   ​B2 ​ 1-4 Two men, two women lead out to opposite wall, 
 +           turn and lead back to place. ​
 +       5-8 1st couple lead up, man handing his partner across ​
 +           in front of him, cast down to 2nd place 
 +           while 2nd couple change places, all ending proper.</​code>​
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