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 +Fair and Softly ​                ​Longways for as many as will
 +   ​A ​    ​6 ​ Taking hands in long lines, step-set UP and DOWN (i.e., men left,
 +            ladies right)
 +        18  First couple cast (second lead up), lead down through NEXT second
 +            couple, and cast back to PROGRESSED place (face original 2nd)
 +   ​B1 ​  ​12 ​ Circular hey, starting with contrary:
 +            2 changes handing, 3rd change right with contrary, ​
 +            4th change half turn with partner
 +        12  Second couple leads down through first couple and cast back (facing up)
 +   ​B2 ​  ​24 ​ First couple face down (to next couple) and repeat B1, 
 +            ending with second couple lead up through first.
 +   Fair and softly ​     duple waltz time
 +   step set to P
 +   C1 cast and then lead down through new C2 cast back 
 +   to end below old C2 facing them (C2 has moved up)
 +   Fair and softly crossing: RH neighbour, LH ptnr, no hand neighbour,
 +                             2 hands half way with ptnr.
 +   C2 lead up through old C1 and cast to face C2
 +   ???</​code>​
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