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 +====== Enfield Common ======
 +Enfield Common ​ DM 1701 duple, 3/4
 +A1 1-2 Nbrs. face, set Rt. & Lt.
 +3-4 Nbrs. turn Rt-h once round
 +A2 1-2 Nbrs. set
 +3-4 Nbrs. turn Lt-h once round
 +B1 1-4 M. lead  thro' W and cast back meet & turn S away
 +5-8 W. lead thro' M, cast, meet and turn S away
 +B2 1-4 H-4 halfway round, and cloverleaf turn S, 1stC down, 2ndC up, ending facing Nbrs.
 +5-8 Three changes Rts. & Lts, starting Rt. with Nbr.
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