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 +ELY COURT (Walsh 1718, duple)
 +   A1 1st and 2nd C R hands across, back L
 +   A2 1st C cast, lead up through 2nd C. All lead neighbours to walls, turn
 +   and lead back.
 +   B1 1-4 1st and 2nd C double half figure 8
 +      5-8 All turn single away from partner, set to partner
 +      9-10 All half turn partner 2 hands and finish facing up, 1st C with 
 +      inside hands.
 +      11-12 1st C fall back, 2nd C move up outside
 +      13 1st C turn away from partner and down to face next 2nd couple, ready to begin again.</​code>​
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