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 +Easter Morn: done to tune "Miss Gordon of Gight",​ by Isaac Cooper, ​
 +           ​c.1790 ​           duple proper</​code>​
 +(Dance by Erna Lynn Bogue ,1994)
 +   A1 1C cast down the outside, 2C move up
 +      1/2 figure 8 up through their own 2C
 +   A2 With next couple (not your original duple set)
 +      Right hands across 1x round
 +      With original couple from your duple set: 
 +      Left hands across
 +   B1 Same four, circle right 1x round
 +      Gates: all drop partner'​s hand, retain neighbors
 +         2C assist 1C up the center and down the outside
 +   B2 1C lead down through (next) 2C below, cast to place
 +      All turn 2 hands until proper (1C must turn 1 1/​2)</​code>​
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