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 +E & D Waltz (for Eric Black and Diane Zingale, dance and 
 +          music by Colin Hume, August 2000)
 +   ​Square formation
 +   Heads set forward, turn single, turn 2 hands opposite, then
 +     open to face nearer side couple (heads are NOT with partner)
 +   Set and turn S, turn 2H new opposite who is NEW PARTNER
 +     ​Finish with former heads back to back in center, sides
 +       in original positions, formation across the hall.
 +   1/2 hey for 4 across the hall
 +   RH star 3/4 at the ends, finishing in lines across hall (but
 +   in different lines), middles face ends and another 4 changes
 +   (1/2) hey for 4 (finish facing same person)
 +   RH star 3/4 ends
 +   Gypsy R new partner (remember!)
 +   Gypsy L old partner
 +   Men finish facing out (with new partner) and waltz to ladies'​
 +   place (Men 1 place to L of previous position)
 +   ​Repeat dance with heads starting
 +   ​Repeat dance with sides starting
 +   ​Repeat dance with sides starting</​code>​
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