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 ====== Dutch Dollars ====== ====== Dutch Dollars ======
-Note: Music seems to be same as Tythe Pig.{{ ::​music:​ |}}\\+Note: Music seems to be same as Tythe Pig.\\ 
 +{{ ::​music:​ |}}\\ 
 +Tri min Gedge 1800\\ 
 +  A1&​A2 ​ 1st Co cross down between 2nd & 3rd Co's to hey on 
 +         wrong sides; 
 +         then cross back to hey on own sides: 
 +  B1     1st Co lead down, turn, lead back to top & cast to 
 +         ​middle place; 
 +  B2     1st & 2nd Co's 'cross corners',​ i.e. 1st corners 
 +         cross L & turn to L as 2nd Corners immediately cross 
 +         R & turn to R, then all cross back the same way. 
 +Source: Dance and Danceability\\ 
 +Sticker Number: OECDC 2016 - 12 
 From **John Garden**: From **John Garden**:
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