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 +   Note: Music seems to be same as Tythe Pig ???
 +   From John Garden:
 +   Dutch Dollars midi
 +   ​Thompson’ 24 Country Dances for the year 1800, also in Gedge ‘Town and Country Ladies’ own memorandum book or Fashionable Companion 1800’.
 +   ​Triple minor proper
 +   ​A1 ​   Hey contrary sides
 +   ​A2 ​   then on your own side
 +   ​B1 ​    1s Down the middle & up again, finishing either with a cast off (as in Dutch Pins) or by simply move into middle place and not returning to top of set.
 +   ​B2 ​    Right & left at Top - possibly in regency style with 1W and 2M ‘oval gypsying’ just ahead of 1M and 2W ‘oval gypsying’
 +   ​Gray’s Country Dance Book for the year 1799 offers ‘Dutch Pins’ -  virtually the same dance to a different tune:
 +   A1 The first Cu. hey contrary sides
 +   A2 Then on the other sides,
 +   B1 Lead down one Cu. up again, and cast off
 +   B2 Right & left at top
 +   This dance helps us feel comfortable about assuming the author of the Thompson dance assumed a cast off at the end of the B1 – its from Dutch Pins that this is indeed where and how the 1s progress.
 +   The Regency ‘oval gypsying’ style Right & left which I have suggested in B2, was also suggested by Pat Shaw in his Holland as seen in the English Country Dance 1713-1820, 1960. Nicholas Broadbridge followed Shaw in his Dance and Danceability notes,
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