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 +The Duke of Kent's Waltz   From "The Playford Ball"
 +   A1 1-8 All right hands-across and left hands back.
 +   A2 1-8 1st couple take two hands and move two waltz side-steps ​
 +          down center, two back, and cast down to second place, ​
 +          2nd couple leading up.
 +   ​B ​ 1-4 All take right hands with partner and balance forward, back, 
 +          and change places, men turning partners under their arms 
 +          {down the set}.
 +      5-8 Repeat movement giving left hands.
 +      9-12 Men turn women below their partners by right-hand. ​
 +      13-16 Men turn partners left-hand.</​code>​
 +See an [[http://​​dance.html#​DukeOfKentsWaltz|animation of this dance]] [[Image:​SvgLogoSmall.png]].
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