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 +DRIVE THE COLD WINTER AWAY (4 couples or 3 couples)
 +   A1 All lead up double and back
 +   A2 Repeat
 +   B1 1st M back a double or balance back, down middle, turn 3rd W by L,
 +      4th W by R, finishing in bottom place.
 +      While, 2nd M followed by others go between 1st and 2nd W, turn to L
 +      and down M line to invert set.
 +   B2 Repeat B1 to get back to place, 1st M turning 2nd W by R, partner
 +   by L.
 +      (Could progress here by 1st C turning by L into promenade hold and 
 +      galloping to R to bottom of set.)
 +   A 2nd verse - side all
 +   B as above -women
 +   A 3rd verse- arms all
 +   B as above - men
 +   4th time, all up a double and back, 4th M ??</​code>​
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