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 ====== Dover Pier ====== ====== Dover Pier ======
 as from "The Playford Ball" as from "The Playford Ball"
 +Duple minor longways, 2/4, B flat Major
 +Preston'​s Twenty Four Country Dances for the Year 1791 (Preston & Son), 1791. Kentish '​Hops',​ collected by A. Simons (Ring 0' Bells Publishing)
 <​code>​ <​code>​
    A1 1-4 Partners set twice. ​    A1 1-4 Partners set twice. ​
-      5-8 All right hands-across half-way and fall back into opposite place. ​+      5-8 All right hands-across half-way ​ 
 +      ​and fall back into opposite place. ​
    A2 1-8 Repeat A1 with left hands. ​    A2 1-8 Repeat A1 with left hands. ​
-   B1 1-4 1st couple cross, and move down outside into second place +   B1 1-4 1st couple cross, and move down  
 +          ​outside into second place 
           whlle 2nd couple move up.            whlle 2nd couple move up. 
       5-8 1st couple turn two-hands once-and-a-half. ​       5-8 1st couple turn two-hands once-and-a-half. ​
-   B2 1-8 All right-and-left,​ four changes, beginning with partner.+   B2 1-8 All right-and-left,​ four changes, ​ 
 +          ​beginning with partner.
 </​code>​ </​code>​
-Recording: {{ ::​music:​ |}}+Recording: {{ ::​music:​ |}}\\ 
 +{{ ::​music:​ |}} 
 +video https://​​watch?​v=VIYGjQWazps 
 +NOTES from CDSS:\\ 
 +B1 5-8\\ 
 +The 1st couple should be sure to leave time to fall back to place at the end of the turn. 
 +A simple dance where dancers can enjoy dancing the easy figures well, both on their own and also in relation to the other dancers. 
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