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 +   //​Composed by Charles Bolton 1983; alternate title: Vera's Valedictory//  ​
 +   Dance for 3 couple longways set
 +   A1 Set forward to Ptn, acknowledge,​ and turn single to place, Ptns RH turn,
 +   A2 Face ptn: Individually,​ fall bck a double and come forward. ​ Ptns LH turn.   
 +   B1 M2 down, W2 up, for RH stars with end couple. All gypsy Ptn Rsh
 +      M2 up, W2 down for LH stars with end couple. ​ All gypsy Ptn Lsh
 +   B2 Take hands in lines of 3: fall back, come forward, and circle 6 to the L halfway.
 +      Back to back with Ptn and cross over Rsh.  M2 and M3, W2 and W1 (ie the  two top men and two bottom woman)  ​
 +      change place backwards along the line, passing Rsh, //as// M1 adn W3 turn single R to face in.  All have new
 +      ptn and new position.
 +   ​Repeat twice, and all will be home.</​code>​
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