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 +THE DISBANDED OFFICER ​       Du min        Thompson Compleat ​ vol Vc1789 ​
 +Al     ​1-4 ​    1st Co cross down into line of 4 (between 2nd Co), then line leads down 
 +                   a double,
 +        5-8    Facing down in line of 4, set R & L, then 1st Co gates down through ​
 +               2nd Co & cast up (improper), all finishing facing up;
 +A2     ​1-4 ​    All lead partner up a double, set R & L, then all turn partner to finish proper
 +               (lst Co once and a half):
 +Bl & B2        Hands 4 L & R; 1st corners cross, 2nd corners cross, then hey 3 changes,
 +               ​neighbours facing to start.
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