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 +DEVILISH DELIGHT OF DOCTOR DENARD 1987(4 steps to a bar)
 +   (4 couples long ways, 1st and 3rd couple improper)
 +   A 1-8 Couples in promenade hold dance full hey, ending as begun
 +   A (1) at ends half right hand star
 +     (2) In middle
 +   ​Reminder
 +   A1 Hey
 +   A2 4 half star, R, L, R, L, ends half poussette, middle half poussette
 +   while ends turn half way
 +   B1 middles lead through ends, ends lead through middle
 +   Join hands, step and honour, turn single
 +   B2 Back to back, face en face, ladies chain up and down on ends,
 +   over and back.</​code>​
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