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 +====== Darius ======
 +?? correction requested if necessary!
 +?? by ?? Woolacott
 +Duple minor improper. Don't try to get proper/​improper at ends.
 +The dance brings you in.
 +Partners 2HT 1.25 so all in line up and down. Men are back to back.
 +1/2 hey for 4.
 +Partners 2HT 1.25 AND MOVE A BIT so all in line across. Men are back to back in middle.
 +1/2 hey for 4.
 +With 2 hands, pull partner into line. 2s above proper, 1s below improper.
 +All cloverleaf away from center of minor set (2s up, 1s down)
 +With those dancers, 1/2 RH star.
 +With next couple, 1/2 LH star.
 +With this couple, 1s cast up, 2s cross down to 1/2 double figure of 8.
 +Then 1s lead down and 2s step up to start over. ??
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