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 +Sedany (Dargason)
 +   ​Dargason (or Sedany) ​  From "The Playford Ball"
 +       ​Straight line of 4 women facing 4 men. Inside pair is 1st couple.
 +   Part I
 +   A1 1-4 1st couple side.
 +      5-6 1st couple set.
 +      7-8 1st couple pass by left shoulder whlle turning single, ​
 +          man to right, woman to left.
 +   A2 1-8 A1 repeated by 1st man with 2nd woman and 1st woman with 2nd man.
 +   A3 1-8 A1 repeated by three pairs of dancers.
 +   A4 1-8 A1 repeated by four pairs of dancers, except that all turn single ​
 +             ​once-and-a-half to reverse direction on bars 7-8.
 +   4 x A    On completing the fourth round, the movement is repeated, ​
 +            all retracing their steps.
 +            By turns, couples 4, 3, and 2 become inactive.
 +   Part II
 +   8 x A    Progression repeated as in Part I, with couples arming right, ​
 +            setting and turning single in A1-4, arming left in A5-8.
 +   Part III
 +   3 x A    1st couple, giving right hands, begin a progressive hey with 
 +            hands, all dancers going through all positions in the set. 
 +            At ends, turn and re-enter hey with same hand.</​code>​
 +   ​Dargason ​     Longways, arranged thus:4/ 3/ 2/ 1/ 1? 2? 3? 4? 
 +   1st man and 1st woman side; set and pass by the left, turning single as they do so. Then 1st man the same
 +   with 2nd woman while 1st woman with 2nd man. Then 1st man with 3rd woman, 1st woman with 3rd man,
 +   and 2nd man with 2nd woman; continue thus until 1st man and 1st woman dance with last woman and last
 +   man respectively.
 +   All half turn and continue with the same person again, passing on back towards original places; continue
 +   until 1st couple only dance, in their original places.
 +   Same as first part, but instead of siding, arm R for first half and arm L for second half.
 +   ​Straight hey, with hands, starting with 1st couple only and continuing until all are in their original places.</​code>​
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