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 +   THE CORPORATION ​ (Thompson 1777, long ways 3 couple)
 +   A1 1st C cross and hey on opposite sides, 2nd C come in and up to begin
 +   A2 1st C cross back and hey on own side
 +   B1 1-4 1st C lead down, cross
 +       5-8 and cast up to top while 2nd C half fig. 8 through 3rd C
 +   B2 1-4 1st W and 2nd W turn L hand
 +          1st M and 2nd W turn R hand
 +      5-6 change places with partner, R shoulder
 +      7-8 1st C keep moving down outside to bottom, 2nd and 3rd C move up
 +   Note: Use Fete_Champetre music.</​code>​
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