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 marches, laments, and dances. marches, laments, and dances.
-This English Country Dance called by Greg Reynolds +Longways country dance, circa 1725 
-at the Valentine'​s ​dance in Balderson in 2011. +This version is a triple minor double progression or a three couple ​dance
- +
-Duple Minor proper.+
 <​code>​ <​code>​
-A1 1st corners set forwardturn single ​to place, +8 bars First lady casts below the thirdcrosses and up the  
-   cross R Shldr and loop left into each other'​s ​place.+        outside ​to finish in partners ​place while man crosses ​ 
 +        and follows her returning inside to her place 
 +8 bars First man casts and goes round outside dance while  
 +        first lady crosses and follows him returning inside  
 +        to her own place 
 +8 bars First couple half pousette with second couple and  
 +        then with the third couple 
 +8 bars Six hands round and back
-A2 2nd corners similarly+    Repeat from progressed position for triple minor dance or  
 +    new top couple starts for three couple dance 
-B1 All up a double and back (in progressed and improper positions)+From: https://​ 
 +(You may copy this notation, with attribution,​ for non-commercial use 
 +subject to Creative Commons License (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0))
-   All turn single R and then 1/2 RH turn with partnerinto+Videos at https://​​videolist.php under "Corn Riggs" also  
 +include a duple minor versionhttps://​​watch?​v=J6thMntv2d4#​t=2m40s is 
 +a three-couple rendition as above.
-B2 Double figures of 8, top couple casting, bottom couple crossing 
-   up. Do full figure eight to progressed positions. 
-</​code> ​   
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