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 +====== Corn Rigs are Bonnie ======
 +Trad. Scottish Air, used for 
 +marches, laments, and dances.
 +This English Country Dance called by Greg Reynolds
 +at the Valentine'​s dance in Balderson in 2011.
 +Duple Minor proper.
 +A1 1st corners set forward, turn single to place,
 +   cross R Shldr and loop left into each other'​s place.
 +A2 2nd corners similarly
 +B1 All up a double and back (in progressed and improper positions)
 +   All turn single R and then 1/2 RH turn with partner, into
 +B2 Double figures of 8, top couple casting, bottom couple crossing
 +   up. Do full figure eight to progressed positions.
 +</​code> ​  
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