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 +Confesse ​  Set for 6, arranged thus:  ??
 +   Lines meet and fall back; repeat.
 +   Each man goes to his L, leads 2 women out, 
 +   all turn round and lead back; men turn each other 5/4 while
 +   each man's 2 partners turn each other. ​
 +   Each man leads his 2 partners out and back; men turn each other as
 +   do opposite women.
 +   All face 1st man's (L) wall, balance back and go forward a double, ​
 +   turn round and repeat to places.
 +   1st man faces half L towards 2nd man's 1st woman, ​
 +   they balance back, meet, and form arch; the others
 +   ​hands-4 round the 1st man, under the arch. 
 +   2nd man and 1st man's 2nd woman do the same; hands-4 round him.
 +   All face 2nd man's wall, and do as before.
 +   ​Opposite women lead out and return while men go out 
 +   ​towards own walls and return; women hands-4
 +   round men who turn single R then L inside. ​
 +   All out and in again; this time women turn single R and L while
 +   men turn each other.
 +   Lines meet and fall back; repeat.
 +   Each man leads his top partner down and then up making an arch, 
 +   while the other woman casts up outside,
 +   then goes down under arch; 
 +   the 2 single women turn, while the men turn the women they have. 
 +   ​Repeat with the other women.</​code>​
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