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 +Come Let's Be Merry  ​
 +Form: 3 couple longways ​
 +The Dancing Master 1727 (Interp. Tom Cook)
 +A1 Ones face up and, taking inside hands, ​
 + lead round to each other'​s places & honour the twos;
 + Change hands & repeat to home.
 +A2 Ones cast to middle place, twos moving up,
 + then cast to bottom place, threes moving up.
 +B1 Ones lead (or waltz) to the top,
 + then cast to middle place, threes moving down.
 +B2 Taking hands 6, all balance straight forward,
 + then diagonally L backwards,
 + Do this 3 times, to the opposite side of the set,
 + then turn partner 2h half-way to new place.
 +Repeat with threes active, then twos.
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