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 +====== Christine ======
 +DM improper
 +A   Face center and set R&L, W cross, then TS to face out as M cross
 +    Lead out, turn ind., lead back and circle 4 half, 2H turn half w. nbor.
 +B1  Face Ptnr, 2 changes circ. hey, no hands
 +    Form lines of 4 -- C1 cross and cast onto ends, C2 2H turn half  W1 M2 W2 M1 ^
 +    Lines up, turn alone, back up, forward, turn alone, back further
 +B2  Ends (C1) gate C2 around into line, C2 meet and lead while C1 cast, into
 +    Partners B2B, acknowledge,​ and turn S R to progressed place
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