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 +NOTES from CDSS News:\\
 +Part I, B1 5-6\\
 +Note that the heads (the sides in B3) are not with partners in these circles! After the half circles end, original heads will be facing original opposites and the original side will be facing partners.\\
 +Part I, B2 1-4 going to 5-8\\
 +Enjoy the change in direction for the side couples, going from the left hands across (counterclockwise) to the two-hand turn (clockwise). At the same time, head couples will move easily from the left hands across to rejoin partners for the two-hand turn.\\
 +Part I, B3 5-6\\
 +This time, original heads will be facing partners, and original sides will be facing original opposites.\\
 +Part I, B4 1-4 going to 5-8\\
 +Here the head couples experience the change in direction, while the side couples rejoin partners for the turn with two hands.\\
 +Cecil Sharp found the Playford instructions for Part I of Chelsea Reach obscure, and essentially constructed his own interpretation (which is given here). However, in trying to incorporate some of the original Playford moves, he created a sequence of instructions longer than those for Parts II and III.\\
 +Source: At Home, The English Dance collection Vol 5
 +Sticker Number: OECDC 2016 - 4 (CD: -3)
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