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 ====== Chelmsford Assembly ====== ====== Chelmsford Assembly ======
 +3 cpl set proper
-Edit needed!! 
 <​code>​ <​code>​
-1st Couple cast to middle ​ +1-4  ​1st Couple cast to middle ​twos move up  
-Cast back Man down, Man down , W up into lines of three +5-8  ​Cast back LSH Man down, Woman up  into lines of three 
-Set right, ​Setleft, Hands three, circle left +1-4  ​Set right, ​Set left twice 
-Open into lines, 1st couple, cast back way +5-8  ​Hands three, circle left once around ​Open into lines, ​ 
-Two handed turn in middle +1-4  ​1st couple, cast RSH back to the middle 
-Top cast off to Middle, cast back again, Man down,W up +5-8  1 st cpl two handed turn in middle ​and face down        all proper 2-1-3 
-Lines of 3, Set right, Set L Hands 3 circle left +1-8  1 cpl facing 3 cpl 4 changes ​of circular hay 
-Open into lines, Leaders ​cast back way  +1-4  1 cpl cast down to the bottom 3 cpl move  
-2 hand turn in middle +next round starts 
-Skip Hay,  Leaders face down, Tops face +     1st  cpl cast down as cpl 3 continue moving to the 1 st place 
 +video https://​​watch?​v=6eatwlPiMcY
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