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 +Bryon'​s Boutade by Fried de Metz Herman
 +from memory (JN) Please correct if needed!!!
 +Longways for 4 couples. Couples 1 and 3 improper.
 +   ​(Hemstitching)
 +   On Right-diagonal,​ change places R shoulder. ​
 +   End persons in W1 and M4 positions stand still.
 +   ​Across the dance, all change R shoulder.
 +   ​Repeat above crossings until set is inverted.
 +   ​Couple 1 is now at bottom and proper.
 +   At the bottom (original ones) make an arch and move up a double, meet top couple (original fours) and take them back to bottom
 +   WHILE twos & threes lead through the arch and cast up toward top
 +   ​Circle left (four hands round)
 +   All partners back to back
 +   All partners set and turn single</​code>​
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